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What Mel Did - bike on leafed railings

A vicious cycle

There seems to be something about a cyclist – or a 5ft woman kitted out in fluorescent yellow – which makes some motorists insane.

Admittedly, when I started cycling, some years ago now, I wasn’t that smart about it.

Black woman wearing black bike hat, black jacket, black leggings, black trainers… and cycling, er, at night. At night without rear view mirrors or tail lights.

After one near miss too many, I did eventually leave the land of the stupid and invested in some high-vis cycling gear. I was a vision in fluorescent yellow. Added to that, I taped high-vis yellow tape to my bike frame, bike wheels and panniers, stopping short of strapping a high-vis lamp to my head. (They were sold out.)

This new, visible way of cycling made some but not the enormous difference I had anticipated in my cycling experience.

There seems to be something about a cyclist – or a 5ft woman kitted out in acid yellow – which makes some motorists insane. And it is only some as there are many courteous and respectful drivers on the road – I’m sure there are – and I have to believe they are in the majority.

However, there is a minority who continue to vex my soul – the minority who will insist on driving with a mobile phone in their hand in the year 2017.


Many a time I have wanted to whip out my own cellphone to take photographic evidence, then I remember: Oh, yes, I SHOULDN’T BE DOING ANYTHING WITH A MOBILE PHONE WHILST MOVING ON THE ROAD.

Rather than a rant, however, this is a real plea begging motorists not to drive whilst using a mobile phone. It’s not fair to kill me and leave others without a friend, sibling, niece and mother. It’s also not fair on you, your family and your friends if you kill yourself for a call that can undoubtedly wait. I can’t think of many calls that cannot be set aside until you’re safely and legally parked.

“Please do not use a mobile phone whilst driving” is not an original plea, I know, but it only takes one unoriginal mistake to kill an original, one-of-a-kind human being.


  • I admire your confidence cycling on the roads. I used to do it 30 years ago but I don’t think I’d have the courage to do it now that there are more cars and the whole system seems faster and crazier. Of course phones are a big problem (also finding and changing the music). Be safe on your journeys xxx.

    • Thank you! Although very early on a Sunday morning the roads are bliss – and the best time for anyone wanting to do more roadwork with less risk of being veered into a ditch! Mx