What Mel Did

About Me?

How to be known in a few short paragraphs? I guess the most I can strive for is to be seen for parts of who I am if not all. Mainly the hidden parts are those which might attract a few restraining orders.

Let me start, then, by saying I’m a passionate creative who pays the bills in the corporate arena. I am the widowed mother to four feisty professionals or, as my mother once said, the children the Universe thought I deserved. If that’s our yardstick, I’m very lucky. As lucky as I was to be married to their father, Bronson Hart Fargo Jr. (“Bronnie”).

My creative nature takes solace in writing, photography and a keen interest in perfume. When I am being lofty, I call myself a perfumista. When not being lofty, I call myself a perfumista. My fabric addiction and entrepreneurial nature find an outlet in my elegant boutique handmade brand, Maven Fargo.

The rest you will discover through the words I place throughout this site, which can be sarcastic, but are always sincere.

Love, me.