Don’t Stop Me Now, I’m Having Such A Good Time, I’m Having A Ball

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I am having a Bank Holiday weekend full of smiles, laughs and out and out can’t breathe hilarity. This coincides with the start again of wonderful blogger and photographer Lara’s Instagram series 101 Things That Make Me Smile. Cue hashtag >>> #101thingsthatmakemesmile

And I’m including some of my 2019 Early Bank Holiday memories:

Melinda Fargo early bank holiday memories 2019 collage
Meg, Hart, Morgan, Hugo, Joe, Mary, Jamie at masquerade ball

1. An enchanted masquerade charity ball at Dunstan Hall organised by two young women I am beyond proud to know – extended family members, Meg and Mary Elkin. They organised the ball to raise money in their cousin Tommy’s memory for Diabetes UK. It was every bit the enchanted evening their wonderful imaginations conceived.

2. Spending time with two of my own young people, Morgan and Hart, and Morgan’s boyfriend Ross. Ross’ super power is his ability to tune into the special brand of Fargo madness whilst adding a large soup spoon of his own quirk and wonderful sense of humour to the mix. These guys are THE BEST company.

3. Since christened “Guy In Colourful Hat,” I literally wet myself (no, I did) when this man (famous for wandering Norwich City streets with a bottle of rum and a well-rehearsed script of needing money to replace his lost guitar), was anxious for Ross and Hart to know: “It’s okay, I’m bisexual.” Give me an H for #Hilarious. Not sure about the lost guitar, but I see a comedy future for Guy in Colourful Hat.

4. Norwich went yellow and green crazy today celebrating Norwich City Football Club in the City Centre. Something about a promotion? Whilst I search for my caring face because, yes, I don’t “get it,” there is joy in watching others celebrate their passion. I got this sweet photo to prove the point.

5. Another memory in this bank holiday mix, is the fun I have had handing out leaflets for my upcoming appearance in Norwich Market. As The Cushion Maven, I have taken a stall (No. 12) for the next Late May Bank Holiday. I am proud to be showing and selling my work at Norwich Market, which was crowned in 2019 as Britain’s Best Large Outdoor Market. Do come and say hello as it would be wonderful to see you. I guarantee you a laugh or three.

It’s these moments between the grind which make up a life worth living, and I feel beyond grateful I have people dear to my heart to share these moments with – and a place to file them in plain sight with #101ThingsThatMakeMeSmile.

Until the next time, keep smiling! Mx

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  • I never fail to be moved by your visual and written images Mel, of beautiful family moments in time, of blends and smiles, humour and insight beyond the heartache. I too hope my family album will look this way when time has healed us and the wisdoms learnt become second nature. Thank you for blogging, the support it gives many you will never know.

    • Hayley, thank you so much for this poignant comment. Yes, the wisdoms are hard won and sometimes heartbreaking, but then go on to indelibly shape who we are. To then wish for things to be wiped and returned to what they were would necessarily remove some of that learned grit and fortitude. Complicated business this being human – but I’m so glad you are one of those special humans in my corner. Much love, Mx

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