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What Mel Did - Gratitude to those people we want to punch in the eye

Gratitude to those people we want to punch in the eye

I come from a family of talkers. Inevitably when we get together we talk about situations and the day-to-day trials involved in being human.

Rather than a bitch fest, though, we tend to examine these situations in our version of talk therapy and often come away with another perspective on eventful events. We leave these conversations feeling kindly, or at least differently, towards people who have frustrated the proverbial out of us. People we’d like to punch in the eye. (Sorry, mum.)

Recounting a person who was fraying my nerves for the longest time, my youngest brother invited me to be grateful to that person for ten things.

Hmm, of all the take-aways I expected from our conversation this weekend, I wasn’t expecting this. Be grateful to the person I wanted to punch in the eye… for ten things?

By the time I’d finished the exercise, however, I realised without this person in my life a lot of good would not have happened.

For instance, without this person’s presence, I may never have started to question where and what I was pouring my energy into.

Without this person, I may not have discovered the joy and solace of meditation, learning to really switch off. Or returned to my other drug of choice – walking for miles and miles to restore equilibrium.

Or doing more of that thing which brings me a sense of grace – writing.

My person unknowingly led me to a better way of thinking, feeling and being. In fact, I haven’t felt this well for a very long time. And I am grateful for that.

But perhaps I am more grateful this Easter Sunday that I come from a family of talkers.