The Super Power of the Invisible Middle Aged Woman

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What Mel Did - bike on leafed railings

A vicious cycle

There seems to be something about a cyclist – or a 5ft woman kitted out in fluorescent yellow – which makes some motorists insane. Admittedly,…

What Mel Did - black woman saying No

Just a girl who can say ‘No?’

Rather bafflingly this week, I accepted an invitation because the person offering would not take ‘No’ for an answer. Baffling because, up until this week,…

What Mel Did - Fire brigade at NCC April 2017

In praise of groundhog days

Most weeks, we go through our days like the Groundhog Day movie. We wake up and do exactly the same thing we did the…

What Mel Did - The Good Samaritan Lite

The Good Samaritan Lite

Mid-week, on the home straight from the morning workout (that is 15 minutes from home and not quite at the vomiting stage), a gentleman…


The inspiration for WHAT MEL DID


Are we there yet? I can't even remember where we were going.
What mel Did - church flowers

May we see our children grow old

The first experience of death that really comes close when we are young is traumatic. Years on, watching your child experience the death of…

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