On boy bands and gift horses

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What Mel Did - Melinda Fargo

A question of legacy

As reading material goes, I’m not big on biographies or memoirs. (The exception so far to my rule is ‘The Glass House’ by Jeanette Walls.)…

What Mel Did - If that fat bird can do it

If that fat bird can do it…

I hate pigeons. In my girlhood, someone told me these birds carry 52 communicable diseases. Since that was over 25 years ago, God only…

What Mel Did - Bronson Hart Fargo Jr

We’re all stories in the end

Bronnie died today and it is something my youngest daughter, Morgan, said recently which informs my thoughts eight years on. She and her brother recently…

What Mel Did - Alchemista coffee house and barista Kerri

Coffee house cool

I took up food photography (This Girl Canon) as a hobby for the hell of it. Nothing as elaborate or artistic as some of the…

What Mel Did - black woman thinking

Strength in worrying less

2017 is the first year I left behind feeling less worried and more accomplished than I have done since Bronson’s death in 2010. Given…

What Mel Did - woman beach with red balloon

Resentments and red balloons

This week I’ve been practising letting go (again). You know, the coulda, woulda, shouldas we all have in our kit bag as to why…


The inspiration for WHAT MEL DID

Family & Parenting

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