If that fat bird can do it…

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What Mel Did - Alchemista coffee house and barista Kerri

Coffee house cool

I took up food photography (This Girl Canon) as a hobby for the hell of it. Nothing as elaborate or artistic as some of the…

What Mel Did - woman beach with red balloon

Resentments and red balloons

This week I’ve been practising letting go (again). You know, the coulda, woulda, shouldas we all have in our kit bag as to why…

What Mel Did - iPhone, money and credit cards

Each one teach one

Each one teach one is a saying which originated in the United States during slavery. A time when Africans were denied education, including learning…

What Mel Did - three black naughty boys eating cake

The joy of naughty children

On the trip to London yesterday, I had the pleasure of a live performance of ‘Naughty Child Runs Rampant on London Transport.’ There was…

What Mel Did - two little black girls

Self-inflicted kindness

A week of old photographs and sepia memories – and staring into that little girl’s eyes for a long time this week, I tried…


The inspiration for WHAT MEL DID

Family & Parenting

Are we there yet? I can't even remember where we were going.
What Mel Did - Fargo family portrait

In pursuit of imperfection

Thursday on my personal Instagram, I posted a picture of a family portrait, which Bronnie, me and two of the children posed for in…

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